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Gary's art has led the way for many businesses . . .

My illustration of native american beadwork
logo for bighorn calcium crushing company
logo designed for a financial management service
a fun logo designed for a tennis center pro shop
a classy logo for real estate partnerships, equipment leasing and yacht shares partnerships
 logo designed for cross petroleum services
a logo silver foiled for a classy look  for corporate air a flight leasing service
eagle financial printed collateral material for financialces
an earthy looking logo design for eos recycling depot
a logo for an internet service company
a medallion looking logo for a competitive realtor
a silver foil stamped logo for a classy look for one of the top real estatepanies for ranch properties in the United States
an eye-catching logon for a radio station's call letters
a precision engineered logo for a mining company
a kick-back logo in the shade for a trailer park
a simplified logo with the notion that a rental finding website use and free
a radio station logo of call letters that look modern
an event logo designed to honor a silver anniversary of a public arena in Billings
a logo design for a civic arena and meeting complex housing state fair facilities in Billings Montana
a letterhead design for metrapark arena
a wrecker service logo with a hook and ball and an illustration of the company's biggest wrecker as a watermark
a logo with a fancy flourish in the name to show a high level of professionalism
a logo for Montana Independent Bankers that shows strength in unity
a logo design to show strong competitive and lasting development in business
a logo design showing a rollercoaster flair for fun at the fair
a fun letterhead design
happy feet of fair goers across the top of the letterhead remind readers how fun MontanaFair is
Montana Uplift is the designs of artist Gary and sculptures of Montana Mountains and education of the peaks all over the state
a clean and feminine logo designed by Garyto sell cosmetics and lotions
oceanus is a seashell designed by Gary Little for home decor
the orion logo is a space age look to insure helicopter service customers to choose this company for their professionalism
pioneer petroleum logo shows a professional clean look for drilling and logging well sites
a logo for an electronic wizard in the broadcast engineering field
a menu look of services designed to list a range of professional services
a clean evironmental logo designed for a cogeneration plant
a logo for an environmental clean-up company
a logo design for silver dollar resources logo looking like a sound investment in oil and gas
a logo playing off the endangered grizzly
a rodeogn added to a number of member event centers to show an affiliation
a government funded anti tobacco campaign logo
a festive southern theme designed as an historical celebration
a neon look design to attract video franchisers
a mettalic shiny call letter logo for a radio station
a flashy call letter logo for a radio station playing hits

Brands, logos, marks, cuts or bugs... whatever you call them, they are the face of your company.


Gary Little

Commercial Illustrator


call  me at (406) 850-1747

for a free consultation 

on Image Art for Business



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