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Gary Little's artistry educates Montanans about their mountains.

His sculptures portray familiar mountain scenes.

His published pictorial field guide called

"The Glovebox Guide to recognizing Montana's Mountains"

enhances their sense of place as they drive Montana's roadways.  

Here is a 30 minute

video interview with Gary Little that covers many fundamental concepts to guide people on their own adventures in learning to recognize Montana's Mountain ranges. 

since this aired in july 2016 Gary has designed this website, but has not solved the problem of his 3-D artwork not showing up well in a 2-D photo. This third dimension is what makes his art stand out and makes people want a better understanding of the distant backdrop of beautiful mountains here in Montana.

Here is a brief written synopsis of Gary's efforts so far . . .

Download the above pdf here

letters of recommendation are available from:

Ryniker Gallery @ Rocky Mountain College,

the Crazy mountain Museum in Big Timber,

The Museum of the Beartooths in Columbus,

Anaconda's Copper Village Museum

and Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

press release:

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