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Gary's art is of real places, buy the original or a smaller print. 

Montana's Absaroka Mountains east of Livingston  29"x16"    $800

Montana's Absaroka Mountains west of Livingston  40"x22"    $1400

Anaconda Range @ Georgetown Lake  30"x21"    $1000

Beartooths@ Big Timber  29"x22"    $1000

Beartooth runoff      sold      need a print?

Coulson Park couple     sold      need a print?

Coulson Buffillusion     24"x18"    $800

baby love     sold     commission me to do one for you

elk (Yellowstone) river   20"x16"   $800

Billings Pasture  sold  need a print?

west of lincoln   27"x8"  $900

rimrock   9"x12"  $450

indian caves   9"x12"  $450

cattle drive sketches   need a print?

south hills buck  24"x17"   $1100

Crazy Mtns @ Clyde Park 24"x12"   $1100

whispering clouds    40"x24"   $1600

pastels in crazy mtns   30"x14"   $900

rim sketch   9"x12"   $200 

father / son sketches  11"x14"   $200 each 

Crazy Mtn sunset 40"x13"   $1600 

Boulder Mtn study  19"x7"  $400

sea   6"x24"   $300 

crazy mtn look     20"x16"   $800

crazy mtn spirits     20"x16"   $800

crazy mtns on top     20"x16"   $800

crazy mtns  twin lake  9"x20"   $600

Grandpa's backyard    26"x18"   $800

Absaroka's Shell Mtn    30"x22"   $1000

Absaroka's mouth of paradise    20"x16"   $1000

coulson stand   18"x24"   $900

winter trail  sold

need a print? 

e.rosebud lake  sold

sketch 9"x12"  print?

tropic romance 14"x40"

the babysitter   24"x18"   $1000 

havisu Falls    54"x33"   $2000 

portraits on request

lino cuts


montana ranch gothic 36" deep corner painting x24" bridger mtns   $3400

yosemite   9"x12"   $500 

yellowstone elk   sold   need a print?

lino cuts

lino cuts

Crowfair Moon Dancer Series

available in 17.5" x 22"

limited edition prints signed and numbered

for $125 each or 

in posters or notecards


Gary Little

Illustrator  &  Fine Artist

call  me at (406) 850-1747

for Pricing on These images

or a Custom piece of Fine Art

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