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Dean Raven

Graphic designer & Art director

Observation is first nature to Gary Little, helping him understand the power of Art in our  ever-changing world.  Both his commercial and fine art strive to convey a preconceived message. His commercial art is hired by the

story teller ... His fine art tells his own story.


See for yourself

Can Gary sell your story?  

Are you buying his?

  My Portfolios

The branded image or logo comes from the Greek word meaning ‘reason’, and later became a philosophical term for ‘the logic behind an argument’... I might ad that an honest argument is best.

Hard Sell's approach to marketing wastes no time or space telling the story. Items for sale are priced, words speak directly to the target audience, 

all important info is listed... Who, what, where, when, for how long and how much ...

Think matter-of-fact.

Now give it an uncluttered design

with artistic appeal.

Soft Sell is as varied an approach as adjectives in the english language, or French or Italian. It uses emotion, humor, surprise, sex, passion or wartime tactics to get the attention of the targeted audience. Game on!  where else would you see a cow jumping over the moon?

Line Art is the black and white version of life in the cheap seats. discernible from distance, it holds up in usage from a classified ad to the CEO’s cuff links. It is the 

workhorse of promotion,  outdoing slick full color magazine ads if wielded by a designer like me.

My Fine Art deals with aesthetic appeal. I pride myself on accurate portrayals of my subject matter, which is usually landscapes. I will move trees around and even a river as they roam around the valley, but never geographical processes.  you can always find the spot in nature wherefrom my inspiration comes and my art lovers often do.

Sculpture is the latest surprise of my art career. While struggling with a painting I muttered “I could sculpt this easier than I can paint it!”, The result of which has taken me to every mountain range in Montana. I have sculpted 24 major ranges and 50 pieces of art ranging in size from 3 to 16 feet and displayed it all over Montana. 

Montana Uplift is a

collective name for my artistic expressions in illustration, painting, photography and sculpture, done to educate Montanans

about their mountains.

This work is Published 

into a Field Guide

known as : 

"The Glovebox Guide      

to Recognizing      

Montana's Mountains".      

What's in your glovebox?

Get  the glovebox guide

to Montana's Mountains now !

Gary Little

Commercial Illustrator

 Fine Artist  &  Sculptor


call  me at (406) 850-1747

for a free consultation on

Business Art or Custom Fine Art

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