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Glovebox Guide to Recognizing Montana's Mountains

Glovebox Guide to Recognizing Montana's Mountains


There are 56 mountain ranges in Montana, a state named from the Spanish word for mountain. Many are clearly visible from your vehicle while traveling this spacious state, looming upon the horizon and transforming as you approach, then disappearing in your rear view mirror. If you love mountains, you will enjoy this pictorial guide to recognizing the mountain ranges of Montana from common roadways.

  • What Mountains are those?

    Now you have a chance to identify the mountain scenes while driving Montana. This pictorial field guide is as simple as seeing it in the booklet and recognizing it in nature, or vice versa. It is comprised of 2 full color booklets and a third booklet listing Peaks and Range & Boundary facts. A free Montana Highway map is included and is indexed to the guide. Enjoy!

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