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Sioux Artprint of Crowfair Moon Dancer

Sioux Artprint of Crowfair Moon Dancer


Gary Little captured this moment in pastel to share the whirl of Native dance in action. 

Full color litho print 17.5" x 23".

  • Sioux Dancer at Crowfair

    This painting is sold. These limited edition 17.5" x 23" lithograph prints are collector's items from 1993 when Gary Little first offered them for sale. 

  • Return Policy

    If our mutual happiness over your purchase from me is interuppted for whatever reason I am willing to do the prudent thing to get that feeling back in the positive. Contact by phone would be the most personable and preferable by me. 

  • Shipping

    I ship the lowest rate possible unless you request otherwise.

    Your request, no matter how fast, is a matter of cost versus time and unreasonable requests have unreasonable costs.

    A price quote for shipping is always a good option.

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